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In order to be a member of the DigitalTQ Community, you must follow the rules outlined in this post. Any member who breaks these rules will be warned and banned from using the forums, so please take them seriously.

These rules were last updated on 27/06/2022.

Don't want to follow the rules? Please do not use this site.

Rule Summary

  • No harrassing, bullying, attacking or posting hateful content towards any member of the DTQ Community. This also extends to outsiders.
  • Respect everyone no matter if your opinion differs.
  • No posting personal information about other users (No Doxxing)
  • Do not post NSFW content. We aim to be a family-friendly site.
  • No Discussions of illegal content, sexual content, offensive/adult material.
  • No Spamming.
  • No Mini-Modding
  • No cheating/gaming the system for Gold.
  • Do not post copyrighted material
  • No self-promotion.

No Harrassment

Anyone who posts messages that can be deemed as harrassment towards another user will find themselves being banned or warned. Trying to shame another user for their opinion, name-calling or general animosity towards users is not tolerated. We want everyone to feel respected when they post on the DTQ Community.

This rule also extends to bulling, attacking and posting other hateful content towards other users. Please think carefully about the words and images you post and remember this is a public-facing forum, where users from all over the world can see.

Please do not call other users names. Even if the name-calling is as harmless as "idiot"; refer to our Respect rule below.

If you're not sure you can post something, contact a Moderator.


You're not always going to agree with another user's opinion and we don't expect everyone to have the same views. But when you're discussing issues with each other, it should be done with as much respect as possible.

Whilst the internet can be a bit of the wild west and the culture of gaming can sometimes feel very insensitive, that doesn't mean every site/forum accepts certain behaviours. We want to put a strong policy forward to help make our community a lot more enjoyable and respecting each other is at the forefront of those objectives.

Personal Information

Whilst some users will voluntarilly post their own personal information, we encourage everyone not to. As a public-facing website, any information you post can be viewed by anyone.

Do not post personal information about other users, including encouraging users to seek out information off this website. We do not tolerate DOXXING at all and users who break this rule will be banned.

Family Friendly

We want to be a family-friendly site for gaming discussion.

Please do not post NSFW content here.

Unsure if you can post something? Contact a moderator.

Harmful Content

Discussion of illegal content is not allowed, including encouraging users to go off-site to find it. Discussion of adult material and other offensive material is also not allowed.

No Spamming

Please do not spam on the forums. That includes making posts that have nothing to do with the topic at hand, not contributing to discussion.

No Mini-Modding

Let Moderators handle the moderation of this site. If you see something you think is breaking the rules, use the Report button on a post to report it and it will be reviewed by a moderator shortly.

No Cheating

Gold is meant to reward users for contributing to the site. Users who try to game the system, either by liking all their friends posts or making multiple accounts, will be automatically banned.

Copyrighted Material

Do not post copyrighted material; make sure you check with the owner of the material before you post it, including any fair-user policies.

You are responsible for what you post and subject to copyright laws.

No Self-Promotion

Unless given permission, do not post your own websites/social media/content on the forums.

These rules will be updated periodically.

Warnings and Bannings

If you break a rule, you may either be given a warning to remind you of the rule or face a ban.

If you are banned, you are not allowed to make a new account rejoin.

If you feel a warning/ban was given in error, please contact a Moderator.

Last updated 28-06-2022

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