Let's all share our goals and plans for life! This is meant to be an inspiration type thread, so post your even most outrageous dreams below!

I'll go first!

Goal: Save up enough $ for a Tesla!

How to achieve: Work harder! I'm actually working on several side hustles to earn extra income and it's going quite well. It's a lot easier to do this though when I only have to depend on myself and no one depends on me :D

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One day I'd like to have the courage to start my own YouTube channel and post regular gaming content on that. Until then I think I'll just stick with blogging and learning more about the industry.





I want to run my own business and be able to be my own boss. In tired of not being able to build my own empire and making everybody else's stronger. Ways of doing it going back to school for business and understanding how everything works and start small then to progressively get bigger. 

Your mind is a powerhouse you only go as far as you let yourself go! 

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