In early 2021, Korean MapleStory players discovered that the rates for Flames were rigged for certain stats. The issue caused outrage amongst the Korean MapleStory playerbase and it was later confirmed the same issues affected Global MapleStory.

As a result of the issue, Nexon decided to offer compensation to all players. The compensation consisted of the following:

  • Arcane Umbra Weapon Box
  • Dominator Pendant Box
  • Chu Chu Island Set Coupon (x2)
  • Extreme Growth Potion
  • Typhoon Growth Potion (x3)
  • 200 - 229 Growth Potion (x3)
  • 200 - 219 Growth Potion (x3)
  • 200 - 209 Growth Potion (x3)
  • Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon (x1,000)
  • Sherbet (90 Day) Coupon
  • Content Entry Box
  • Mitra's 3x EXP Coupon Box

Additionally, all players who used Flames and Inner Ability resets between 2019 and 2021 were given points that they could use to buy more Flames and Special Medal Of Honor. The points were based on how many Flame Items you had used between 2019-2021, likewise for Inner Ability.

The Sherbet 90 Day pet is known in the community as a "VAC" pet, because it sucks items towards you rather than having to loot items that it walks over.

The Content Entry Box gave out 30 Monster Park Tickets and 30 Maple Tour Tickets.

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